Favorite Epitaphs

   This life's a dream
   And all things show it.
   I thought so once and
   Now I know it.
              --Springfield, Mass.

   Under the sod and under the trees
   Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.
   He is not here, there's only the pod:
   Pease shelled out and went to God.
              --Nantucket, Mass., c. 1880

      To the Memory of Abraham Beaulieu
           Born 15 September 1822
      Accidentally shot 4th April 1844
   As a mark of affection from his brother.
              --La Pointe, Wisconsin
photo by Thomas Pluck

     I was somebody.
   Who, is no business
        Of yours.
              --Stowe, Vermont

   I don't know how to die.
              --East Derry, New Hampshire

   Tired of this eternal buttoning
          and unbuttoning.
              --Paris, France

     The land I cleared is now my grave.
   Think well, my friends, how you behave.
              --Marlborough, New Hampshire, 1829

   Those who cared for him while living
   will know whose body is buried here.
      To others it does not matter.
              --Hartford, Connecticut

     In Memory of
      Beza. Wood
   Departed this life
     Nov. 2, 1837
     Aged 45 yrs.

   Here lies one Wood
   Enclosed in wood
   One Wood
   Within another.
   The outer wood
   Is very good:
   We cannot praise
   The other.
              --Winslow, Maine

   Unknown man shot in
   the Jennison & Gallup Co.'s store
   while in the act of burglarizing
   the safe Oct. 13, 1905.
   (Stone bought with money
   found on his person.)
              --Sheldon, Vermont

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